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'Comedy is a lot like science.  I'm OK at both of them.'
-Robert Timothy

An Archaeologist by trade, Robert found early on that digging up the remains of ancient peoples in an attempt to understand the history of mankind can leave one unfulfilled in a manner that only 10 minutes on a mic in front of an unimpressed audience could satisfy.  He has worked ever since to blend his two careers into the trite and overused business title Archaeologist/Comedian.  

His Five Year Old weekly Science-Comedy podcast, Science Faction, has over 25,000 RSS hits per month and listeners in 115 countries who all agree  with both Robert and his co-host, comedian Damian Mercado, that science articles are best discussed with horrible vulgarity.

His other podcast, a weekly Comedy podcast, The Degenerate Podcast, pairs him with fellow comedians Ryan Shores and Dave Callans to talk about everything except science. Seriously, it has literally no academic value. 

Robert Timothy
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